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Diamond 101

Everyone knows that the rarity of a diamond is classified by its cut, color, carat, and clarity, but do you know what each classification means? Let’s break it down.


The cut of the diamond is very important. All the factors of the cut directly affect the final cost of the diamond. There are, of course, the most popular shapes, such as; Round Brilliant, Emerald Cut, Princess Cut, Heart Shape, Oval, Marquise, and Pear Shape, but cut not only refers to the shape, but also to its proportions and finish.  Each shape has a different range of cutting proportions.


Let’s clarify something. Color in diamonds is not referred to all the pretty colors you see when the diamond sparkles in the light.  In fact, grading a diamond for color means looking at a range from the whitest white (clear) to a yellow, and seeing where the diamond lands. In the early 1940’s, GIA Gemological Institute of America introduced the universal color grading system.  The GIA classification starts from D, the whitest (clear) color, and travels through the alphabet to Z getting more yellow. It is the most reliable method of grading diamonds for color.


Diamonds are sold by carat, (ct.). The carat is a unit of weight, not size. One carat = .02 grams (200 milligrams). It is very important to know that small differences in quality and size can make a big difference in price. As the size of the diamond increases, the price increases as well.


Grading diamonds for clarity is the process for classifying the imperfections. Diamonds have both internal and external imperfections. If they are internal, they are called inclusions, and external are called blemishes. GIA has developed a detailed clarity system:

  • Flawless(FL)

    - These stones have no imperfections inside or on the outside of the stone under the magnification of a loupe of 10X magnification.
  • Internally Flawless

    - This grade is awarded to diamonds with no internal flaws and only minor external blemishes. Nicks pits or girdle roughness, not on the table, which could be removed in re-polishing.
  • Very Very Slightly Imperfect (VVS1 , VVS2)

    - These stones have very, very small inclusions, which are extremely difficult to see under a loupe of 10X magnification.
  • Very Slightly Imperfect (VS1, VS2)

    - These stones have very small inclusions, which are slightly difficult to see under a loupe of 10X magnification.
  • Slightly Imperfect (SI1,SI2)

    - These stones have inclusions, which are fairly easy to see under with a 10X magnification, and can be seen with the naked eye.
  • Imperfect (I1, I2, I3)

    - These stones have inclusions ranging from eye visible to very easily seen to the naked eye.

Wedding Bands

We have wedding bands for both women and men in our collection. You can have all your ring shopping done in one convenient spot. Choose a ring for both you and your partner. They can match each other or reflect the individual styles you have. Cornelis Hollander has a variety of styles and metals. From classic bands, bands with diamonds or unique and modern styles, he has it all! We have rings available in 14K or 18K Yellow Gold or White Gold, two tone bands and so much more. We even have bands that will match your engagement ring. You can wear it separately or pair it together in one beautiful set. Mix and match, play around with different metals, finishes, and stones. Whatever fits your individuality and personality, we have it! Come into our Scottsdale store today to choose your symbols of love.

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Diamond Jewelry

Cornelis Hollander has a wide range of options when it comes to diamond jewelry. We have a diamond piece of jewelry, for you, for every occasion. Is your anniversary coming up? We can help you to choose a perfect ring to celebrate your love together. It can be a symbol of lasting appreciation and continuing commitment to your partner. You can choose from our existing selection or you can custom design something to fit your purposes. And if you are shopping for any other special occasion, such as a birthday, and looking for something less romantic, we have necklaces, earrings, and fashion rings. Gorgeous finishes and styles for every desire you have. Some of the options are; mix & match necklaces and earring, stackable fashion rings, and pendants. We can add diamonds of any shape or color, or carat. Come in and enjoy the experience of choosing the best piece for you!

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